Challenge Series

The Glenwood Gravel Challenge series!

New to the world of gravel riding and even cycling in general? Well, the key for some is to take it one step at a time and try new things. That's why we put together the Glenwood Gravel Challenge series!

What is it...

Four challenges over four weeks. Each one designed to push you a little and get you ready for a great Summer of training, so you're ready for the Gravel Grinder in Fall! If you're just starting out, each of these might be a bigger effort than what you've done in the past. If all of these seem pretty simple, than you might be ready to join us on a group ride. But, if the idea of climbing 1000ft or riding 25 miles as fast as you can seems just a little intimidating, give these a try first. You can do this!

Week 1

Climb 1000 feet challenge!

First challenge is to ride 1000 feet, but not just any old 1000 feet along the ground, this should be a 1000 feet of climbing! Like, up hill. Crazy!

You can do this anywhere you'd like, but we've included a few routes that we've done to get you started.

Week 2

Ride 25 miles challenge!

If you're just getting into riding more, this is a great milestone challenge. 25 miles is usually a bit longer than an hour long ride on your favorite path, in fact it might be two hours! But, helping your body get used to longer efforts is all part of the journey.

This is also a good measure of your endurance and how it might feel to do longer efforts. Once you do it, those hour long rides feel easy.

The goal here isn't about time, it's about distance. So take it easy. This should be at a conversational pace. Keep your heart rate down and just enjoy the journey. Here are a couple 25 mile routes we enjoy:

Week 3

Ride 2 hours challenge!

Alright, this one might seem easy after the last two. It might have taken you 2 hours to ride 25 miles or even climb 1000 feet, but these two hours are special. It's your double hour record, basically, how far can you go in 2 hours? You're going for the most distance you can get!

We suggest a flat route. Wind will certainly be a factor, so check the weather. One option is the Keystone trail. Another is the Wabash Trace if you prefer a gravel experience. Set a timer for one hour and head out into the wind, when the timer is done, head back! You got this!

Week 4

Glenwood Gravel preview challenge!

Alright, you've climbed, you've ridden for distance, and for time. Now you're ready for week 4, the last challenge in the series. This challenge is a route preview of the Glenwood Gravel Grinder. It doesn't matter how long it takes you and it's only 25 miles. But, it almost 2000 feet of climbing, twice as much as the week 1 challenge. Pack a couple water bottles and snacks for this one.

There are two routes for this challenge. The one shown here is the "dirty" route, which is great for a day with dry dirt and gravel. If it has rained recently, we suggest you checkout the "golden" route. The golden route sticks to limestone and gravel roads. With the golden route you'll miss some of the amazing "canyon roads" that are part of the dirty route, but you'll have and added climbing challenge that you can totally brag about!