Questions you might ask...

What are the rules for the ride

Rules are in place to keep people safe and guide the community of riders in being good citizens. We mention the rules in the release waiver and adhering to the rules will keep you in good standing on the ride. Here are the current rules and guidelines.

How long is the Glenwood Gravel ride?

About 50 miles. Most of the routes we've planned (we've got several in case of weather, road closures, etc.) are 48 to 49 miles. If you really want to get that perfect 50 miles in, it should take you much to double back on a spot or do a couple laps of the parking lot.

Where does the ride start and end?

At the Glewood Archaeological State Preserve. Chris McQueen, the ride director, likes to call it GASP, although we're not sure if that name has taken off yet. The address for the park is 59069 Levi Rd., Glenwood, IA 51534. It's right off of Hwy 34 / 275.

Who is Glenwood Gravel for? Do I need to be super hardcore?

Glenwood Gravel is for everyone! But, it's also 50 miles of bike riding and there's almost 3000 ft. of climbing. So, it's not an easy ride down the Wabash Trace (we love the Wabash by the way!) The Glenwood Gravel is a challenging ride and it's really something you should prepare your body, mind, and equipment to ride. If you want some guidance for training, we post training rides on Strava, Garmin Connect, and Facebook.

What does it cost to register for the ride?

Rider registration is $50. This covers the price of insurance (not cheap), support staffing, aid stations, SAG vehicles, signage along the route, covers your post-ride meal at the Buck Snort, a Glenwood Gravel commemorative t-shirt, and timing.

Is Glenwood Gravel supporting a charity?

Glenwood Gravel is not a charity ride yet, but it's also not a big money making endeavour. We're doing this to promote bicycle riding and fitness in the area, support tourism to Glenwood, and put on a good event. We do hope to support a charity or a few in the future.

You have a few sponsors; are you taking more?

We do have sponsors and they are fantastic! Please checkout Checketts Law, Joe Designer, and Buck Snort. They have all kindly helped support this event. If you'd like to help sponsor Glenwood Gravel, please reach out to us at We'll get back to you ASAP!

How much climbing is there?

There's going to be somewhere between 2500 to 3000 feet of climbing on this ride. While the ride is for everyone, this is a pretty hilly route for the area. The Loess Hills aren't the Rockies or the Swiss Alps, but you better be ready to climb some hills. But, there is some good news, the route is a circuit, so every foot you climb, you get back with a downhill and we've worked the route such that you get a good number of steep hills and then some long gradual descent to let you recover and enjoy the beauty that is the Loess Hills. Just remember to breath...

Where can I stay in Glenwood?

There are a number of good options. You can stay in Glenwood at the local hotel, there are number of AirBnb Superhosts, and we have a couple campgrounds close by. We also benefit from being just 10-20 minutes away from Omaha and Council Bluffs that have a number of hotels and options as well. Take a look at our "where to stay" page and we hope you make a weekend out of staying in Glenwood!

Is the ride insured?

Yes! The Glenwood Gravel is an insured ride. We have worked with Silent Sports Insurance to provide coverage for the event. Any questions about the ride and issue that might arise can be directed to