Where to stay?

Coming in early or want to stay a couple days in Glenwood after the ride? There are a few good options for rentals, a hotel and some really nice campgrounds. Check them out and let us know what you think!


There are a number of superhosts in Glenwood and in the surrounding area. These folks know how to treat people and exude that friendly Iowa sensibility that the midwest is known for.


Camping is a great option in Mills county. There are a number of options and as a city that often sees events like RAGBRAI come through, Glenwood is used to having folks visit. The two closest campgrounds for the ride are:

Neither of these sites take reservations, so do get there early to make sure you can get a spot!


There's only one hotel in Glenwood, Hotel Arthur. It's been recently refurbished and the folks there are pretty nice. Not a big place, so make sure you book early!